Rcom inverse HnS Pattern ..

                   Rcom saw a breakout with good volumes out of a Inverse Head n Shoulder range ..

Dow Jones : A Short Term Breakout

Dow Jones See a Short Term breakout of the range...it should touch the upper range of the channel it is travelling in .Stoploss being the lower trendline level. Also the breakout can mark the continuous upward movement for the year.Notice that the index is already trading near the 2012 high levels last attained in may 2012.

Reason why you should always keep a strict Stoploss..

 This is the chart you must see if you believe you can be casual with stops or you can exit when the stock gets there.Gold futures last night did not even take minutes to trash the short term down move and that too at a scorching pace. Only strictly placed orders for bears would've saved them..

As they say ..If you do not learn to take small losses now , one day you will have to take the mother of all losses.

A Letter written by a billionaire

My Charity Acts Are All Fake: A Letter Written by a Billionaire

Dear Wage-Slaves:
It is quite humorous how poor people always point to the philanthropy of the rich as a sign of my humanity. My philanthropy is big business, I donate to my own foundation, which means I maintain control of my money.
For every dollar that I donate to my own charity, I get $2 in tax-breaks which means that every dollar becomes 3 dollars! Charities are big business, and I have recognized the double advantage of making profits and improving my image.
Charities make me a killing, look at any charity and you’ll see that they only give away 2% of donations, the rest gets hoarded by us. Are you really that stupid, wage slave? Are you really so dumb as to think that a billionaire who loves money will give some away? Are you really that gullible as to buy the big lie of philanthropic billionaires?
Remember this one thing, wage slave, billionaires despise humanity, we see you as weak animals to be exploited. I do not care about your dying children, I do not care about starving children abroad, all I care about is markets and profits.
Philanthropy is my way of saying fuck you! It is my way of showing you how the system is rigged, it is my way of making profits from imagined generosity.
Making donations to your own tax-shelter foundation is not philanthropy you fucking idiots, it’s robbery, it’s theft, it’s fraud.
I am philanthropic indeed, I am very generous in the way that I put more labor on the broken backs of the poor. I am the most philanthropic person in the world, for I am generous enough to rob you all of your time and your energy. I am so philanthropic that sometimes I feel like you should give me money to control your life even more! You do! By paying taxes to my governments. I am so goddamn generous that I give you more work for less pay! What more can you ask for?
Philanthropy is one of society’s biggest lies and the beneficiaries of this lie are once again, we, the billionaires.
Are you so stupid as to think that someone who loves money more than people, will give anything back to the people?

a Billionaire
a philanthropist
a filthy liar!